George Vercessi

Selected Works

Jerzy Shore is on a dizzying journey to save the life of a convicted spy. Not an easy task, considering the captivating stranger who charms her way into his life. Also available as eBook.
A frighteningly credible scenario of terrorism used to manipulate a weak and flawed president.
Fiction. Cold case mystery, conspiracy, political intrigue.
This isn't how to run a cold case, the feng shui enthusiast reminds himself, but he's losing the battle with his boss and the Navy brass who set this case in motion. Also available as eBook.
Political Intrigue Fiction
There's no stopping First Lady Gertrude Bromwell when she sets her sights on the White House.
Children Fiction
A timeless heartwarming children's tale of love, courage and perseverance.
Crime Fiction
Like Mario Puzo's "The Godfather", the story takes the reader to the very pinnacle of the U.S. criminal empire. Also available as eBook.
Mystery Fiction
Details the life-and-death consequences of digging into small town lives.

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We the People

The story cartwheels from Washington's halls of power to the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier and the depths of Bermuda's seemingly serene waters.
The action begins when the helo with the vice president aboard crashes at sea. From there, Navy commander Paul Henly is drawn unwittingly into a dangerous game of high stakes political intrigue.
Henly is on the fast track to admiral. A naval academy graduate and dedicated officer, he wears the coveted gold wings of an aviator. And, while he's got all the right tickets, including a White House Fellowship, he's ill-prepared for the dangers awaiting him.
Aided by Navy diver warrant officer Foster Robbins and commander "Duke" Sampson, a combat-tested Navy SEAL, Henly uncovers a chilling plot to unseat the president and is nearly killed in the process.
Finally, with the evidence in hand, he must decide if going public is worth risking anarchy. The solution is ultimately provided by a trusted ally, Chief Justice Albert Bryant, in whose private chambers the consipirators hear the verdict that serves justice and preserves the union.