George Vercessi

Selected Works

Jerzy Shore is on a dizzying journey to save the life of a convicted spy. Not an easy task, considering the captivating stranger who charms her way into his life. Also available as eBook.
A frighteningly credible scenario of terrorism used to manipulate a weak and flawed president.
Fiction. Cold case mystery, conspiracy, political intrigue.
This isn't how to run a cold case, the feng shui enthusiast reminds himself, but he's losing the battle with his boss and the Navy brass who set this case in motion. Also available as eBook.
Political Intrigue Fiction
There's no stopping First Lady Gertrude Bromwell when she sets her sights on the White House.
Children Fiction
A timeless heartwarming children's tale of love, courage and perseverance.
Crime Fiction
Like Mario Puzo's "The Godfather", the story takes the reader to the very pinnacle of the U.S. criminal empire. Also available as eBook.
Mystery Fiction
Details the life-and-death consequences of digging into small town lives.

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Alma’s World

Molley Moore is at the center of the action, which erupts when her husband, Jack, scratches his arm while inspecting an old dresser in the tiny town of New Market, the self-acclaimed antique capital of Maryland, as the locals are quick to note. Twenty-four hours later he’s struggling to stay alive.

With Jack’s health failing, and no clue of the cause, Molley turns for help to her former lover, Navy commander Duke Sampson. Together, they trace the dresser to the idyllic mountain hamlet of Romney, West Virginia, and the late Alma Wilkins. In their quest, they encounter auctioneer and self-proclaimed "maestro" Joseph Veltri, who steers them to Alma’s enigmatic nephew, Nelson Twigg. From there, we’re introduced to the endearing Bill Enis, a reclusive mortician who may hold the key to Molley’s dilemma, and the ebullient former show girl, Ruby Strible, who’s hell-bent on turning every male head in Romney, including Duke’s.

As Molley probes Alma’s seemingly innocuous world, she inadvertently opens old wounds that’ll leave you wondering just who the real villains are.