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Saving Leo Kleinman

Jerzy Shore is on a dizzying journey to save the life of a convicted spy. Not an easy task, considering the captivating stranger who charms her way into his life.

NCIS Agent Jerzy Shore

Having just closed a difficult homicide case, Jerzy Shore is ready for some well-earned leave when an unsigned letter questioning the decades-old accidental death of Midshipman Jeffrey Resnick lands in his lap, throwing his normally quiescent life into a tailspin.

We the People

A fast-paced drama in which Navy commander Paul Henly finds himself battling Washington's power elite in a sinister plot that winds its way through Congress, the Pentagon, and ultimately, the White House.

FREDO - A Christmas Tale

On a gray wintry December day, Jacob, a bedridden Dutch boy, is told an incredible secret by his grandfather, one that enables him to enter the unimaginable and boundless world shared by Father Christmas. When next the old man visits the boy on Christmas morning, he learns of Jacob's strange adventures and his remarkable story.
Welcome to a timeless tale that will kindle the Christmas spirit in young and old alike, and delight generations to come.

King of the Hill

When organized crime bosses set their sights on the presidency, it can be costly, not only for the American taxpayer, but for many of them as well. Starting in the late 1950s, the story focuses on a single mob boss’s plot to take over and reshape the U.S. crime syndicate.

Alma’s World

Alma’s World is a tale of murder, revenge and long-past jilted love woven around a fistful of characters that are sure to grab and hold you!!


SEAL~Test is a compelling story of revenge played out between two opposing U.S. Navy warrior SEALs that concludes with a daring hold-your-breath rescue and winner-take-all showdown.